Subsequent products have varied in quality and potency. The rocks offer a creative way to enjoy the different cannabis products at once. The moon rock was brought into popularity by the rapper Kurupt who was signed to Death Row Records in the early 1990s and his partner Dr. Zodiak. many at risk for alcohol-medication interactions national institutes of health nih Now the original moon rock products are called Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock. It’s worth noting that not all moonrocks are made the same. While Dr. Zodiak’s brand is well-known for winning High Times Cannabis Cup awards, another moonrock could be the complete opposite quality.

Grinders aren’t the only essential part of a cannabis smokers kit that you’re better off not using. Rolling papers can also be a disaster because all of the oil and kief make it hard to light. Furthermore, the oils can combine with resins to block airflow drug overdose: definition treatment prevention and more in the joint or blunt. If the joint is hardly pulling, you’ll be forced to watch all your kief, oil and flowers burn away without being properly enjoyed. The potency and quality of your moonrock will depend on the materials used to make them.

  1. Moon rocks are called ‘caviar gold’ because they are the weed experience enjoyed by genuine aficionados.
  2. The long wick keeps a constant flame to the cannabis without the smell and taste of butane you’d experience from the prolonged use of a lighter.
  3. Instead, you spend your time gazing at the beauty of this nug, which looks like a delicious green and purple hard candy offered by the weed gods themselves.
  4. The difference between moonrock weed and regular weed is in the Potency.

Overall, this sticky cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate, and sandwich of cannabis goodness results in a rich, intense experience. Sun rocks take the benefits of moon rocks—potent effects, high THC, and a combination of cannabis extracts—and turn them up a notch. For example, you could use some concentrate blended with oil to grease a pan, brown butter with kief to make a frosting or glaze, and use the cannabis flower to make canna oil in the cake batter.

How much THC is in moon rocks?

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about moonrock weed, including how to smoke moonrocks, how to make moonrock weed, and how much THC is in moonrocks. The bud forms the base, providing the core cannabis experience. It’s then coated with hash oil, which ramps up the potency of ground bud and introduces a level of stickiness that allows the concentrate and kief to adhere. Note that potency depends on the high THC strains you choose as the base. Like many other great weed products and strains, moon rocks transpired through the crossover of hip-hop and cannabis. Kurupt, rapper and former Death Row Records executive, along with music-artist-turned-cannabis-mogul Dr. Zodiak came up with the idea after collaborating on a mixtape together.

Purchasing Cannabis Moon Rocks

Due to this process, moon rocks are often very high in THC. As with other cannabis products, the potency will vary depending on the strain, the concentration of cannabis oil and the creation of the product. However, most moon rocks contain around 50% THC, which is significantly higher than typical dispensary-sourced cannabis (averaging around 20% THC). Marijuana moon rocks are created by dipping a cannabis nugget or bud in your favorite concentrate (e.g., hash oil). The ‘Girl Scout Cookie’ strain is typically used for the bud and concentrate due to its higher THC content.

Moon Rocks 101: A Complete Guide to the Ultimate Cannabis Experience

This triple layering escalates the THC content to extreme levels, often exceeding 50%, making Moonrock weed significantly stronger than standard products. When it comes to buying Cannabis Moon Rocks, it’s important to keep dispensary guidelines and regulations in mind. Just make sure you’re getting them from a trusted, licensed dispensary that follows local laws and industry standards. The effects of smoking Moon Rocks are often described as a slow, strong high that engulfs the whole body.

Smoking vs. Vaping Moon Rocks

Here are some tips for you to enjoy the galactic experience. With this potency, you can expect an otherworldly high. Moon rocks take you to the moon, and you will be there for quite a while. Some people see little difference among Moon Rocks, Molly, and Ecstasy. Preparing your rocks at home ensure you of what you have. Making your own will avoid adulterants, methamphetamines, and lab risks.

Should you decide to try your hand at making moon rocks at home, you’ll need a few items. For more information on all things cannabis and to check out our 100% all-natural marijuana products, visit today. You can opt for one of the strongest weed strains (with lots of THC) or try a high-CBD/low-THC hybrid to see how that hits you. It all depends on your tastes, your experience, and the results you’re looking for. You may have to light the same bowl a couple of times to use up all the cannabis therein, but, hey, that’s the fun of it, right?

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