Distancing ourselves socially isn’t the only practice we need right now—media distancing, as I like to call it, is just as important. We’re in an unprecedented situation right now, and it’s natural to want all the information you can get to stay safe. But as the traffic and engagement for news media goes up, your mental health is likely not going in the same direction and, in fact, can be adversely affected. I’m not tips to stay sober saying you shouldn’t pay attention to what’s going on in the world, but setting limits around when or how much you engage with this information is crucial. Some of the immediate changes you will need to make will be obvious—like not hanging around the people that you used with or obtained drugs from. After all, you can’t hang around your drug dealer or old drinking buddies and expect to remain sober for very long.

Just be sure that your rewards don’t involve drugs or alcohol. If you find it difficult to make new, sober friends, try joining a support group. Going through detox and stopping all substance use is only the first step; the real work at staying sober happens in the weeks and months following detox. Staying https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/substance-abuse-counseling/ sober requires intensive care and therapy tailored to the individual needs. It also involves having a network of family, friends, or a community of people that offer guidance and support on the journey to recovery. A relapse is not a moral failing or a sign that you’ll never be able to get sober.

Build a Healthy Lifestyle

Get your mind off drugs and alcohol, by walking into nature and enjoying the colors, the sights, and sounds. It’s important to remember that you’re going to be craving alcohol to reward the short-term part of your brain, not the long term. Create some goals for yourself to remind yourself of what you’re working towards. However, having faith makes the good things that happen to you extraordinary. Also, my faith has helped me live through experiences I cannot imagine surviving without God.

So first, define what self-care means to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Then, practice those acts of self-care for support with staying sober. Furthermore, stay away from unhealthy environments that have the potential for relapse.

Make New Friends

I realize some people would suggest that God placed me there first, but that is a lack of faith. So I stopped, drank some water, and got back into the workout. Do you have a loved one or family member that works out? Many people who work out get motivation by working out together. However, I prefer a once-a-week journal entry using gratitude journaling prompts.

tips to stay sober

Staying out of risky situations means taking deliberate steps to avoid people and situations that can trigger cravings. Avoid old routines and habits that can make it easier to slip back into addiction. It could mean changing your route to and from work, changing jobs, or relocating entirely.

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